Lesson Plans

List of Lesson Plans:

Advance & Elite Poke Checks
Advance & Elite Centering Passes
Advance Wraps & Walk-Outs
Advance Screen & Tips Lesson Plan
Elite Rebound Control Lesson Plan
Middle Rebound Control Lesson Plan
“C” Cut Lesson Plan
Cognitive Skill Lesson Plan
Goal-Line Positioning Lesson Plan
Advance Bait & Hook Lesson Plan
Elite Passive & Aggressive Puck Handling

Communication Lesson Plan
Odd-Man Situational Lesson Plan
Half-Pad Variation Lesson Plan
Advance Break-Away Lesson Plan
Blocking vs. Reacting Lesson Plan
1/2 Step Demonstration
Shooting Mechanics Lesson Plan

Big Ice/Small Ice Concepts

Mental Preparation


Telescoping Skating Drill
Retreating Skating Drill
Power Shuffles Drill
T-Push Set Up Drill
Zipper Drill
Sculling L/R Drill
L-C-R Skating Drill
L-C-R Pad Karaoke Drill
3 Puck Drill
Pretzel Drill
High/Low Drill
Butt Wrestling
Freeze Puck Challenge
Wrap-around & Walk Out Challenge
Poke Check Drill
½ Pad High/Low Drill
Catch & Release Passing Drill
Rebound UP/DOWN punishment Drill
Two Pad Slide Drill
Push/Pull Puck Drill
Knee Drive Drill
Board Blaster Drill
Active Glove/Blocker Drill
Miss ME Drill
Goalie Merry-Go-Round
Spin Challenge Drill
Iron Cross
Shimmy Races
Goalie Hockey Drill
Blind Fold Test
Post-Up Drill
Chaos Drill
Paddle Down Shimmy Drill
Water-Bottle Pass Drill
Screen-Push Drill
Two Puck Recovery Drill
Angle Correction Drill
Gut-Trap Shift Drill
Bait & Hook Drill
Dump-In: Shoot/Pass Drill
Wheelhouse Attack Drill
Tennis Ball Reaction Drill
Quick Feet Drill
Centering Pass Cut Down Drill
Blocker Trap Drill
Rebound Second Battle Drill
Shimmy Recovery Drill
Boot Break Reaction Drill
Stick Work Drill
Karaoke Foot Speed Drill
Frontal Assault Drill
Goalie Name Drill

Pick-A-Door Drill
Texas Hold’em Drill
Stretch’em Drill
Rope Pulls
Stick Jump Drill
Side Winder Drill
Blocker Board Knee Drives
Blocker Board Recovery & Transition Drill
Blocker Board Rebound Recovery
Fake Release Drill
Toe-Heal Drill
Screen Board Drills
Wedge Armpit Close Drill
Frisbee Drill
Tennis Racket Drill

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